The Complete KryptoGotchi Series

Now available

I recently created an NFT collectible series called Kryptogotchi inspired by the 90s toy Tamagotchi. Each Kryptogotchi had a unique crypto theme to it as they were based on real crypto projects and their founders.

There will be 5 total KryptoGotchis in existence…for ever…and all 5 are released.

Take a look and collect your favorite :)

KryptoGotchi #1 - $AAVE & Stani
#1 was themed after the Defi project $AAVE and its founder Stani Kulechov.

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KryptoGotchi #2 - $ETH & Vitalik
#2 was themed after the founder of Ethereum ($ETH) Vitalik Buterin.

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KryptoGotchi #3 - $MEME & Jordan
#3 was themed after Jordan Lyall and the $MEME project.

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KryptoGotchi #4 - $LINK & Sergey
#4 was themed after Chainlink ($LINK) founder Sergey Nazarov.

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KryptoGotchi #5 - $SNX & Kain
#5 was themed after Synthetix ($SNX) founder Kain Warwick.

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With this series, I wanted to create something fun pay a tribute to all the great minds that had an impact on Decentralized finance and crypto. These KryptoGotchis will live on-chain forever and will not need to be fed or taken care of :)

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