The Aftermath

A meme tribute to Beeple

Beeple (Mike Winkelmann) is a Digital Artist who has been creating and sharing 1 artwork every day on social media for the past 14 years. He made his crypto debut last fall and he has been making crypto art history since then.

I first learned about Beeple from an interview by Chris Do and was fascinated by his dedication to create and post artwork every single day. I highly recommend this interview for any creatives out there.

My first tribute to Beeple was right before his historic 2nd Nifty Gateway Drop in December 2020. I remember the song WAP by Cardi B was used in one of the promo videos which gave me an idea for a Beeple related piece. A piece called Wet Ass Paint (WAP) where a bucket of paint is dropped on Beeple’s head.

Most of Beeple’s work is about pop culture with a preposterous spin on it and I wanted to capture that essence with my tribute. One could argue most Beeple’s pieces has a meme element to them.

After his recent Christie’s auction, which ended with a closing bid of 69 million dollars, I wanted to dedicate another art piece to Beeple. My second tribute to Beeple is a piece called The Aftermath, visualizing how Beeple would spend his new earned money. I took heavy inspiration from memes such as this:

The aftermath is now available on Opensea and Rarible.
Beeple did see my Aftermath piece on a fellow Artists thread and replied with “LOLOL“ which I will assume is a good thing :)

I am really excited about the future of NFTs & Crypto Art in general. Thanks to Artists like Beeple for bringing more awareness to this space.