$Spike Token

Social tokens are experimental in nature and you should ALWAYS do your own research before engaging with any social token. This is not financial advice and there is no promise of financial value.

NFT art is a long term journey for me as a Designer and Artist and the $Spike token will be the backbone of my collection. I want to succeed in this space and bring my supporters along with me for the ride. I know I got a lot of work to do and the work starts here. Are you ready?

$Spike token? What is it?

$Spike is a social token created with Roll in order to bring more utility to the Spike NFT collection

What can you do with $Spike (use case)?

- Redeem it for one of kind exclusive NFTs

- Access to Decetraland perks

- Showcase your artwork in the Spike gallery in Decentraland

- More coming soon

How can one acquire $Spike?

- By buying specific NFTs from the spike collection.

- By participating in games and events in Decentraland

- By engaging with the community and completing bounties

- Discord roles (coming soon)

Claiming $Spike?

$Spike token can be claimed via links to the Roll page as well via the tip bot in Discord. Join the Discord group for more info.

Bear with me as things will be a bit experimental at first and can change.
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