Rare crypto-themed NFT collectibles that you can drive in the Metaverse.

Whats MetaWheels?

Metawheels is a series of Crypto-themed NFT collectibles with a use case. They are yours to drive around and show off in the metaverse.

The project is still in Alpha phase but the NFT is open for everyone to purchase. The first entry in the MetaWheels series will be the UniCar themed Uniswap.

What can you do with a MetaWheel?

If you hold a MetaWheels NFT in your wallet, You can drive it around on my land on Decentraland. Press V to see it once you are in Decentraland.

Metawheels in Decentraland -

You can buy, trade, and sell the NFT

You can drive it in Decentraland

You can participate in something new and something that hasn’t been done before in Decentraland.

How can you purchase a MetaWheel?

The first MetaWheel, Unicar is available for Purchase on Rarible

Get it here -

Early supporter & community

The first 5 buyers of Unicar will receive 500 $Spike token which can be used to acquire the next car in the series.

There will also be giveaways on Twitter and during the Decentraland event.

The Decentraland scene will be built out to hold events and games in the future. Feel free to reach out with any questions. Looking for Artists to feature for the Decentraland event as well. Dm me on twitter or discord if you want to get your work featured.